Sedrak Sedrakyan
Sedrak A. Sedrakyan, Ph.D

2002 Ph D., Psychology, Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia.
1990 Certificate, Family Psychotherapy, California, USA.
1987 Candidate of Psychological Sciences.
1981 Institute of Psychology, Moscow.
1979 M.A., Psychology, Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia.
1969-1974 B.A., Yerevan State University, Faculty of Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology, Department of Psychology.

Work Experience
1991- Present, Rector (Chair) of "Urartu" University, Yerevan, Armeniaa.
1999- Present, Head of the "Association of the Practical Psychologists" NGO.
1990-1995, Representative of Myasnikyan Regional Council of Yerevan, and
President of the Committee of Education, Culture, Science and Youth.
2005, Lectures to D&M Educational Foundation Faculty, California, USA.
2004, Participation and Lecture at 28th International Conference of Psychologists, China.
2003, Vice- President of the Association of the Presidents of the Higher Education Institutes, Yerevan, Armenian.
1988-2003 Head of the "Gyumri" Psychological Service Center
1979-2003 Lecturer in Yerevan State University
1999-2002, Active participation in foundation of "Green House" psychoanalytic center for socializing childeren, Paris, France
2000, Participation and Lecture at 27th International Conference of Psychologists, Sweden . .
1999, Participation and Lecture at "F. Doltoy" Conference organized by UNESCO, Paris, France.
1996, Participation and Lecture at 26th International Conference of Psychologists, Canada.
1996, Participation and Lecture at 8th Conference of International Association of Psychotherapists, Greece.
1996, Participation and Lecture at 6th Europian Psychological Conference, Athens, Greece
1996- Present, Member of French Psychoanalysts Association.
1995, Participation and Lecture at 4th Europian Psychological Conferrence, Athens, Greece.
1983-1990, Professor of psychology at Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia.
1990- Present, Founder and President of the Association of Practical Psychologists of Armenia.
1990, Lectures at Department of Psychology and Psychoanalytic, UCLA, California, USA.
1976-1979 Assistant in Yerevan State University Department of Psychology.
1974-1975 Head of the department in the Ministry of Culture.

1. Reward: " A. Bakounts" golden medal, 2005.
2. Author of more than 140 scienific books and articles published in Armenia and abroad.
3. Editor of scientific textbooks.
4 . “Psychological tests for educational system”, Yerevan,1997.
5 . “Management Psychology” textbook, Yerevan, 2004.
6. On the Problem of Nonverbal Psychosomatic Manifestations VI European Congress of Psychology,
Rome, July 4-9, 1999.
7. The Influence of Economic Changes on the Family Psychological Atmosphere. Abstracts of the 27th International Congress of Psychology, Stockholm, Sweden, 2000.
8 . “The reasons of interfamily conflicts, ways of overcoming”, “Psychology and Life” N 3, 2000.