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Educational Process

The Rector of  "Urartu" University and the students’ scientific council have made and approved a teaching process regulation. It is the basic document that has legal power and all the students have to work in accordance with its statements.

A two-level education is realized by the programs of bachelor’s and master’s degrees for the following professions:

  1. Clinical psychology,
  2. Manegement and management psychology,
  3. Pre-school and school psychology,
  4. Forensic psychological expertise,
  5. Juridical psychology,
  6. Pedagogies and psychology,
  7. Social work.

Bachelor's degree (4 years)
The graduates attain bachelor's education, diploma and degree of a qualified bachelor of psychology with certain specialization.

Master's degree (2 years)
"Urartu" university is the one of those less universities that has accreditation not only for bachelor’s degree but also for master’s degree.The graduates with bachelor’s degree of both state and private universities and diploma specialists can apply for Master’s degree at “Urartu” university. The graduates obtain Master’s degree and state diploma, and will be given the opportunity to apply for PhD. The general topic of the thesis works of the graduates should be "Psychology" and "Social Work".

PhD program (3 years)
PhD gives an opportunity to work at thesis and receive degree of candidate of psychology.

Preliminary courses (2 years)
Since 1993 preliminary courses are organized in the University, graduates of which have privileges for entering the University without passing examination.

Information for applicants
For applying to “Urartu” University one must present the following documents:

  • Application
  • Certificate of secondary education
  • Copy of the passport
  • 6 photos

The applicants have to pass the following examinations

  • The Armenian language (spelling)
  •  Biology (orally)


Teaching and practical training
According to the teaching program of the University the students of all faculties must have teaching and practical training for 3 weeks beginning from the 1st year. The practice is organized at “Nork” boarding house (Yerevan), at a special boarding house 11 (Nubarashen) , at “Stress” center, at the psychiatric hospital of Nubarashen, at the orphanage of a special type N 280, at the Union of legislators and political science specialists of Armenia and at the laboratory of forensic expertise of Justice of RA.

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