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Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy


The branch of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy examines the problems of diagnosing, treatment hygiene, the expertise of prevention and rehabilitation. The specialists of Clinical Psychology deal with the origin of diseases the influence of this or that disease on human mind (psyche), the interrelation between the patient and the surrounding, the psychological aspect of organizing the medical surrounding. Psychotherapy is a complex influence on neurological, psychic and bodily functions and in case of numerous diseases on the emotive world, statements and self-consciousness. The Clinical Psychologists and Psychotherapists work at hospitals, polyclinics, and psycho-rehabilitation centers, everywhere where we deal with the preservation of physical and psychic health. 


Management and Management Psychology

Management and Management Psychology is a branch, examining the psychological regularities of organizational activity in the sphere of education. The main purpose of this branch is to reveal and to analyze the psychological conditions and specific features necessary for improving the productivity and quality of work. The main aim of psychologists of this sphere is the productive and grounded organization of work for different social groups, teams, the realization of precise social, social-psychological researches in the whole system of management. Increasing the activity of collective and individual work. The specialists of Management Psychology perform counseling and expertise work at state and private establishments, enterprises and organizations. 


Pre-school and School Psychology

Pre-school and School Psychology is a branch of Psychology the principal purpose of which is to guarantee conditions for educating the new generation, for developing and forming the individuality of every child. This task is fulfilled by taking into account the peculiarities and the age of children by using their abilities more effectively and completely. It is also important to predict the Psychological influence different teaching and educational methods on children. Pre-school and School Psychologists work at kindergartens, at secondary schools, at colleges, at universities, at educational centers, at establishments dealing with educational methodology and scientific research. 


Forensic Psychological Expertise


The Forensic Psychological Expertise is the main mode of using special psychological knowledge in the criminal process. It is used towards mentally healthy defendants witnesses and victims. The specialists of Forensic Psychological Expertise deal with the research of psychological activity's peculiarities, which is necessary for confirming the objectivity of a criminal process. Their task is to decide whether the convict was under affect when committing the crime and to resolve whether the witnesses and victims are able to give exact information and evidence, concerning the important circumstances of the legal case. Forensic Psychological Expertise is performed only by professional psychologists. Forensic Psychology Experts can work at the bodies of National Security, Domestic Affairs, Ministry of Defense as well as in special Forensic Psychological Psychiatric, criminalist and expertise laboratories. 


Juridical Psychology

Juridical Psychology examines numerous complex questions, concerning the preparation of crimes, their realization, investigation, examinations and other problems arising in this field. One of the branches of Juridical Psychology is Forensic Psychology, it deals with questions connected with the trial, the psychological content of professional activity of investigators, judges, prosecuting attorneys, convicts, the methods of their choice and training, the psychological methods of the formation of criminals and their behavior, the motives of the crime. Juridical Psychologists work at law-keeping establishments and at courts of different instances. 


Pedagogics and Psychology


In the structure of the team the social group, the individual and public opinion about the social role of its members, beliefs, value system, social and moral orientations, individual qualities are those psychological basis determining the existence of the complex system of interpersonal and inter-group relations. The problems of teaching and education have been in the center of attention of pedagogues and psychologists for many years. The scientific and technical progress, the economic and spiritual growth of the society presents new demands on the education, mainly in the sphere of secondary education. Nowadays the role of psychologists is of great importance in the educational system, their assistance can help the teachers of secondary schools to realize educational programs and put on the right basis the interrelations between teachers and pupils. 

Social work


It is a sphere of social psychology which is widely developed all over the world. Working in this field social workers help people to develop and broaden their personal abilities to resist and overcome the obstacles by mastering various psychological methods (psycho correction, psychotherapy and est.). Social workers are the right performers of social politics of the country. Sphere of their work is wide, they can work at educational centers , at enterprises, at health care and social services.


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