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The educational process goes parallel with active and meaningful leisure.

The method of art-therapy, which is highly appreciated in modern psychology, means organizing psychological service by means of different branches of art (painting, music, etc.). Taking into consideration the necessity of art in the formation of the inner world of a man, its huge energy in the process of getting rid of different stressful events, the University often organizes excursions to different cultural centers (museums, exhibitions, art galleries).

It's a nice tradition to organize hikes to different regions of the country on the day of Independence of the Republic of Armenia. The students have been to Sardarapat, Echmiadzin, Zvartnots, Garni, Geghard, Noravank, Khor-Virab, Tsakhkadzor. The international student's day - 17th of October is always celebrated in "Astral" leisure club. The Fancy Dress-ball on New Year's Eve is one of the students' favorite parties.

Film-watching and discussions, presentations of books published by the University are often organized for the students. The students of the discussion club together with the students from other universities often organize discussions on different topics. One of the best traditions of the University is to award the prizes to the best course and the most active students.

The students participate successfully in the inter-university sport competitions. Once a month a wall-paper titled "Future Psychologist" is published by the students. Every year the anniversary of the University is celebrated and the graduates are given their diplomas during this ceremony. The "Society of graduators and their friends" is founded to promote the strength of the relations with the University and makes its contribution to the development of psychology.


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