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Dr. Sedrak A. Sedrakyan

Dr. Sedrak Sedrakyan is a famous psychologist in the field of family and group psychotherapy. He has graduated from Yerevan State Universty, Department of Psychology, has studied at the Institute of Psychology, Moscow. In 1987 got PhD in Psychology. From 1976 to 2002 worked as an assistant, lecturer, docent, from 1983 to 1990 as the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology in Yerevan State University.

In 1990 passed «Family and group psychotherapy» training course and got «Family Psychotherapy» Certificate, California, USA.

Since 1991 till now Dr. Sedrakyan is the president of  «Urartu» University. He is the founder and the president of the Association of Practical Psychologists of Armenia. From 1996 he is the member of French Psychoanalysts Association.

Dr. Sedrak Sedrakyan has participated and gave lectures at different International Psychological Conferences such as:

·         European Psychological Conference, Athens, Greece (1995,1996)

·         Conference of International Association of Psychotherapists, Greece (1996)

·         International Conference of Psychologists, Canada (1996)

·         "F. Doltoy" Conference organized by UNESCO, Paris, France (1999)

·         International Conference of Psychologists, Sweden (2000)

·         International Conference of Psychologists, China (2004) and many others.

He is the author of more than 140 scientific books and articles published in Armenia and abroad, editor of scientific textbooks. His most famous books and works are

·         “Family Psychology”

·         “Psychological tests for educational system”

·         “Management Psychology” and many more

He still continues researches in different fields of psychology and behavioral science. Now he is busy with a new program ABA in collaboration with Dr. Suzanne Smith. They founded the Department of Behavior Analysis with Dr. Sedrak Sedrakian at “Urartu” University. They are conducting research for addressing cultural barriers for effectively implementing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to create a culturally sensitive service delivery model for the special needs population in Armenia and in many developing countries.

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