Urartu University of Practical Psychology and Sociology Continues Admission in Different Faculties
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2008               Personnel Courses; Certificate

1993               English diplomatic coursis; Certificate

1992               Armenian-British school, Manager-businessman; Certificate

1982-1987    Yerevan State University; the faculty of Russian Language and Russian Literature; Diploma


2013-2014    Lecturer  of  Russia  Language   <Lycee professionel  Feancais en Aemenie>

2012-2013    Lecturer  of  Russia  Language   <Lycee professionel  Feancais en Aemenie>

2008-present           The lecturer of  <<Urartu>>  University and the chairman of  Foreign Languages  Department

2007-2008    Lecturer of  Russian   Language and  Russian Literature of  Armenian-Russian(Slovonian) State University.

1995               The teacher of English  at school  N 128

1992-1996    The chairman of International Tourism Department at the Yerevan State Humanitarian college, the  lecturer of Russian language and Russian Literature

1993-1996    The Ministry of Defence RA, the Department of  Contract and Foreign Relations, military officer

1990-1993    The lecturer of Antique and  Foreijn  Literature at <<David Anhaht>>University

1987-1993    The Deputy chairman of  the foreign sutdents  affairs at the Art and Theatrical State University ,the  lecturer Russian   Language

1982-1987    The correspondent of  <<Film>> newspaper.Have several publications about art

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