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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Program

A graduate certificate program of Applied Behavior Analysis is ideal for teachers,  daycare professionals,  educators,  behavior therapists, psychologists, caregivers, and parents  who want to  enhance their skills for taking care of children, adolescents and adults affected with autism and related disorders.   


Course Description


This course is an introduction to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. It presents basic

principles, methods, and concepts of Behavior Analysis.


  • Introduction to Behavior Analysis
  • Defining Behavior
  • Measuring Behavior
  • Reliability and Validity
  • Experimental Designs
  • Visual Analysis
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Measurement and Graphing
  • Negative Reinforcement
  • Conditioned Reinforcers
  • Three-Term Contingency
  • Structure vs. Function of Behavior
  • Changing Behavior Through Antecedents, Consequences or Teaching a Functionally Equivalent Response Ethics
  • Conduct practice of ABA according to ethical guidelines
  • Interpreting Data Extinction
  • Differential Reinforcement Shaping
  • Stimulus Discrimination Generalization
  • Prompting
  • Positive Punishment
  • Negative Punishment
  • Graph data and conduct a visual analysis.
  • Measure and graphically represent responding.
  • Identify the measureable dimensions of behavior, use operational definitions of behavior, evaluate the outcomes of measurement procedures, and identify basic single-subject designs.
  • The use of Single-subject Research to identify Evidence Based Practice

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