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 On October 7, 2012 one of the leading universities of Armenia the University of Practical Psychology and Sociology «Urartu» celebrated its 20th Birthday. There's a great symbolic meaning in that age. «Urartu» was created during the first days of our country's independence, so it's peer to the newly independent Armenia. These were really difficult but reliable years. And this is when «Urartu» was based. The University implemented strictly practical oriented education plans taking into account the experience of educational reform of international prestigious universities and centers. This all gave the opportunity to students to apply their psychological theoretical knowledge in different spheres of life.

«Urartu’s» productive and targeted job performance rating was the Accreditation of its specialities, bachelor, master educational programs and the whole university. The students and the staff are taking part in different international conferences presenting reports (USA, Israel, Greece, Canada, France, Sweden, Hungary, Germany). A lot of skillful professors work in the University. Their invaluable contribution to the establishment and development of the University have rather well-known professors such as: H. Tutunjyan, Ed. Margarov, S. Grigoryan, V. Grigoryan, G. Mkhitaryan, Hr. Mouradyan, E. Grin, A. Nalchajyan, K. Nazaretyan, G. Shahverdyan, M. Garagashyan, A. Geonjyan (USA), A. Aryan (Argentina), A. Gillan (France) and others. For «Urartu» University’s practical orientation as well as high-quality academic activities Mr. Sedrakyan was awarded a gold medal by High quality and practical operations International Fund presidency.

Today about 1500 graduates of  «Urartu» University graduates work in different social life spheres of our country. Good luck to you! 

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